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The Uttoxeter Range is  s set of  quality hand made fountain pens.

The  “Howit” which is the entry level pen , good quality and reliable fountain pen with a standard nib.

The “Johnson and Gardner” which is a mid range pen, better quality plating than the entry level but has a medium quality nib

with an option to up-grade to a BOCK nib.

The “Bamford” is a much higher quality pen and plating's to match, with high quality German plated nibs.


All  the pens  on this page are fountain pens and take cartridges

“The  Gardner” Chrome plated



This excellent quality  chrome plated fountain pen is made using a piece of  English Popular Burr wood.

The nib is a size 5 two tone medium German Iridium point nib.

This is a nicely balanced pen which has been hand finished with a hard acrylic type coating to protect the wood.

Item N///er


“The  “Howit Q1” Rhodium plated



Enjoy the handling, effortless writing and classic style everyday with the Howit Quaker 1 fountain pen with the patterned centre band showing off its designs for all to admire

This is One of the smaller and lighter fountain pens in the range.  Finished In  Bocote wood  with  Rhodium plated nib

Item Number


“The  “Johnson” Chrome / Gold plated



In  London Plane  wood  with  quality German gold plated medium  nib

If you would like one like this then please get in touch.

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“The  “Bamford” Gold plated



Item Number


The Bamford is one of the finest pens available.

Featuring durable plating and unique and intricate hand carved pattern that has been richly coated in 22K  Gold Plating

The pen has been made using a piece of  spalted Beech wood, finished with a hard wearing coating to make sure that it is durable and long lasting

Before final assembly, the pen is checked again for final fit and finish, and once more hand polished to ensure perfection.

Making this kit truly fit for a king!

These Fountain Pen come equipped with the high quality Schmidt converter, ink cartridge and a gold plated medium point steel nib.

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