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The Bamford Range is a higher end quality pens.

All pens are a high quality platings with high quality parts, all fitted with quality refills

This is made from Amboyna Burr the fittings are Titanium Gold plated
With brushed gold ring and Titanium-gold cabochon.

This pen is made from Amboyna Burr wood and is coated with a protected acrylic coating to protect the pen for years to come.

This pen comes with a free handmade wooden presentation from the standard range of boxes. The platings of the box will be to match the fittings of the pen, unless you request alternative.

Up-grade options
Any box in the up-grade section up to the value of £14 for £7.

Up to 50% Discounted engraving

If you want Engraving on the box then please selct the suitable option and then send me information at checkout the engraving required.

Your Price:£49.99