Fountain pens

Fountain pens Image
Here is a range of pens from entry level to high end quality pens with quality nibs and fittings.

All Pens come with a quality Blue standard Euro refill.

All refills, nibs and ink are available from my shop

They are also available from most high street or web based stationery supplier

The Bamford range - This is a higher end quality pens.
Comes with a refill converter so you can use bottled ink.
All pens are a high quality platings with high end quality parts, all fitted with quality Bock or Beaufort nib.

The Johnson Range - These are a intermediate quality pen, fitted with IPG nibs and quality plated fittings.

The Howit range - This an entry level Fountain pen with good quality fittings and platings, fitted with a IPG nib.

Fountain pens
Irish Bog Oak Image

Irish Bog Oak
Howit range Chrome plated Fountain pen

Black & Red FP Image

Black & Red FP
Johnson Range Black & Red Acrylic

Black & Red FP Image

Black & Red FP
Bamford Range Black & Red acrylic

Blue/Purple Acrylic Image

Blue/Purple Acrylic
Johnson range acrylic