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Below is a selection of boxes, click on the category to see the range.

This is the area where all the boxes, from handmade pen display, gift and desk boxes, to engraved Christmas Eve to memory boxes and commercially made boxes, pouches and leather pen pouches are here

The Elite range of Boxes is a selection of specific woods and also standard woods that has up-grade fittings and roundhead screws of Brass, stainless steel that look a little neater and give a slightly better look and finish.

The standard range boxes are a set of boxes that are handmade and you see a stock picture of what you will get if you select one. They are all handmade in the same way, however they often have "flat topped" countersunk type screws rather than the round head ones.

Commercial Pen boxes.
Exactly what it says, these are commercially made boxes, pouches and holders.

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