Rollerball Pens

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What is the difference between a ball point and a roller ball?

While a ballpoint pen usually uses oil-based ink, the rollerball pen uses liquid ink.  

This key difference makes the rollerball feel smother and more liquid, giving it a more fluid action which is comparable to a fountain pen.

This fluidity also translates to a rollerball pen generally having a finer writing line. On the other hand, a ballpoint pen does have a more controlled action and lasts longer.  A rollerball pen may cause slight to negligible bleeding onto the back of the paper depending on the quality of the paper and the pressure at which you write.

It’s must be noted that most rollerball pens need a cap to prevent the ink from drying out and that it’s very important to remember to cap your rollerball pen when it’s not in use.

Ballpoint pens retract with a twist, click or a push which makes the cap unnecessary, and to some more convenient.

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Rollerball Pens
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